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Horse Hotel

Going on vacation or busy with life?  Your horse(s) can come for a little vacation at our horse hotel.  This custom service was created after receiving so many requests. 

What you can expect for your horse(s)

  • Clean mucked paddocks

  • Sand base paddocks 

  • 24/7 Access to excellent analysed hay 

  • Pasture (for horses who can handle grass)

  • Water (heated in cooler/cold months)

  • Individualized feed program

  • Supplements fed (owner provides) 

  • Large shelters

  • All the comforts a horse could want

About Our Leather

Fitness programs are available if you are looking to keep your horse in shape while you are away. Safe handling and individualized care are top priorities to us here at OnTotalWellness. We will treat your horse(s) as if they were our own. Contact us to book a spot at our horse Hotel.  

Trailering Available

Contact for daily rate.

Monthly fee has a daily discount.

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