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Nutritional Healing Consultations

Most animal health concerns - just like their people - are related to poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, lack of exercise and emotional stress. We cannot tell you how often we hear, "Yes, but he's always had....". When did this become so widely accepted and the norm? Anxiety, skin conditions, vomiting, exhaustion, etc are all concerns today. Our nutritional consultation looks deeply into how the animal's body is functioning; assesses diet, exercise, lifestyle, and chronic conditions.  We are able to develop a program that will help your horse or pet begin the journey to wellness. It’s gone on for long enough! Contact us today!  

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Distance Consultation $105 including a 6 week phone/email follow up 

On Site Consultation $105 including a 6 week phone/email follow up (travel fee may be added depending on location)

Please note that product costs are separate to the consultation rate.

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