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Natalie has always had a love for animals and has a strong connection to their physical and emotional wellbeing.  Natalie is able to offer a variety of modalities from animal communication, reiki healing, coaching, nutritional consultations; utilizing muscle testing, to bodywork including myofascial, neuro myofascial, cranio sacral therapy, light therapy and kinesiology taping.  Natalie is the co-owner of OnTotalWellness specializing in equine rehabilitation, with a center located in Tottenham, Ontario.   


Throughout her life journey and spiritually guided path, her passion for healing through the holistic platform has strengthened her connection and ability to assist animals and people.  The most rewarding feeling is being able to strengthen the connection and bond between an animal and their caregiver.  Natalie is so grateful that she is trusted by so many people and animals from all over the world to teach and to guide their healing on a more grounded and connected level.

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Jessica is.....



“ Sierra arrived at our farm late summer of 2022. Sierra was over weight, blind in left eye, and skiddish/shy towards people.  She had poor skin quality, diarrhea, and a really bad case of upper airway cough

I reached out to Natalie to help her and balance her up nutritionally..... 

Natalie helped her through balancing her adrenals, and tweaking the amounts of supplements we already had her on. She went through everything I was feeding her with the right quantities. Natalie also added remedy’s to help her emotionally heal, her cough, her eye, and to become stronger within herself. Her coat quickly changed! she started to shed out her old coat, and the new coat that came in became stronger, softer, and vibrant! She blossomed with dapples as if she turned into a new horse! She was no longer hard to catch, or as skiddish as she was when she first arrived. Her cough has gotten a lot better too! She loves to be fussed all over and really has turned into a gem of a sweet mare!

Natalie has not only helped Sierra but she has helped other horses here at our farm nutritionally. She also massages our horses, and helps teach us how to work-through behavioural issues when our horses need it. My horses have become much happier and healthier working with Natalie and I highly recommend her. “

- Tara M



Symphony is a 23 years old and has made a remarkable recovery from severe Laminits that debilitated her. Thanks to her rehab and devoted care at On Total Wellness.  Through holistic, homeopathic and a dietary program along with consistent exercise Symphony has bounced back from almost full rotation of her coffin bones.   She is able to be ridden once again at all gates thanks to the healing hands and dedication to Natalie, Jessica and staff at On Total Wellness. 

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