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We provide on site healing programs for horses, ponies and donkeys with chronic or acute health conditions who need fundamental changes in order to begin and continue healing. We work closely with veterinarians and holistic practitioners. Health  conditions we assist include but are not limited to: Equine Metabolic Syndrome, PPID, laminitis/ founder recovery, injury recovery, and weight loss programs.  We are pleased to offer a variety of living environments including dry lots, track systems, and pasture access depending on your horse’s specific rehabilitation needs.  

Board on track systems starting at $1100 incl HST


When a horse comes to us for rehabilitation it is imperative that we are informed about their current living situation and condition.  Horses can make vast improvements with a lifestyle change that is better suited to their health needs, but it is key that they are also supported nutritionally and physically.  

We have several packages available that can be customized during rehabilitation depending on what is required on a daily basis for their optimal healing. 

We include a nutritional consultation to gauge how your horse’s system is functioning and any weaknesses which are present.  From there we develop a program to support their healing process. 

Unfortunately horse owners often wait too long before realizing it is time to make a drastic change.  If you're not sure whether your horse is considered to be in need of rehabilitation, contact us today to discuss further.  The sooner you reach out for support; the faster they can get back on track to a healthier version of themselves again.  

Our facility is located just 1 hour North of Toronto, Ontario. 

Inquire for pricing.

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